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Why you need an seo consultant

colorful-business-3d-graph-1431600-mEven if you’re an incredibly smart businessperson, you probably don’t have the specialized knowledge you’ll need to get visitors to your web site. Attracting quality traffic online requires a skill-set very different than bringing foot traffic into a physical store or listeners to a radio station. The web has its own rules for success and given the pace at which search engines change the way they direct people to your site, it’s generally a good idea to hire an SEO consultant. Someone who builds traffic and an online customer base for a living. They know the most effective methods to help make your web site a success. Like any other specialist, they’re easily worth the money you’ll spend on their services.

A good SEO consultant will begin by talking to you about your goals. How do you make money? Are you trying to simply build brand awareness or are you trying to get people to order online? These are important questions and sometimes laying them out for someone will also help sharpen the focus of your business simply through the act of explaining your goals to an outsider.

First up, the SEO consultant will take a look at your current web site, assuming you already have one. They’ll be looking for usability issues, such as ease of use and whether your content matches your goals for the business. If you selling things online, the consultant will spend time testing the ordering system and making sure everything is working smoothly. By the way, I think I have retained the best consultant, if you’re interested, he’s theĀ top seo inĀ Denver.

Next up will be an audit of the simple things many business web sites overlook. Are you listed on Google Places? Is your web site listed in local online directories and Yellows Pages? If you have a specialized business, is your web site listed on other compatible web sites? Many of these suggestions might seem basic, but it’s amazing how many businesses don’t bother with those seemingly boring things that can make a difference in your business.

It’s the same with social media accounts. Sure, it’s great to have a Facebook page or a Twitter account. But if they’re not being updated regularly or used effectively, they’re just another time suck that isn’t making you money. A good consultant can offer tips on how to make sure your business has a lively social media presence and that will have an impact on your bottom line.

The consultant will also likely do an audit of keywords that are important to you. How does your web site rank in the major search engines? If you’re selling widgets in Pittsburgh and your web site doesn’t come up in the first or two when people search for that term, then you’re leaving money on the table. A good SEO consultant will be able to offer concrete suggestions on how to improve things and they will have a budget estimate for you before they begin work.

It’s important not to be fooled by fly-by-night SEO consultants that promise amazing results instantly and for a cost that seems too low to be true. Even if they can follow through on their promises, their results aren’t likely to last. And they could end up hurting your business or your search engine rankings by engaging in practices that get your site banned by Google and their competitors.

Finally, a good SEO consultant will have some suggestions on ways to expand your online presence. Should you be advertising and if so, when and where? Should you spending money on Google Adsense or buying a banner ad on the web site for the local high school? There are a number of options to consider and at this point the consultant should know your business well enough to offer advice that best suits your needs and at a cost you can afford.

It’s important to remember that an SEO consultant is like any other contractor you use. They work for you and that means you need to give them the space to work while still having a good grasp of what they’re trying to accomplish. Good SEO is almost always a moving target and the goals for your web site might change as the months pass by. A good consultant will change and grow with your business and become a true partner in the success of your web site.

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