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American Poetry: History to Modern Day

There is undoubtedly one constant in the history of mankind, and that is change. American poetry has not been unaffected by changes. Having been an English colony, a lot of the ancient poetry styles and structures borrow a lot from the British.

However, as time went by, Americans sought to have their own forms of poetry. The growth and evolution in poetry would introduce the likes of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman, who are recognized as the founders of American poetry.

Soon poetry would become mainstream and even enter the business world, as seen in the 21st century.

Walt Whitman: ‘America’s Poet’

28 Sep 2020

Often referred to as the ‘father of free verse,’ Walt Whitman (1819-1892) was a journalist, essayist, and celebrated poet.

Best known for his collection of poems ‘Leaves of Grass,’ Whitman was part of both the transcendentalist and realistic schools of poetry.

Renowned American modernist poet Ezra Pound once described Whitman as ‘America’s Poet.’

Poetry Inspires

30 Aug 2020

Poetry is a vital part of human's ability to inspire others because of the emotions that people feel after reading their favourite work. One example of a well-known poem that has inspired is 'Invictus' by William Ernest Henley. The poem has reinvented itself as the poem that motivated Nelson Mandela. It continues to inspire.

Poetry Today

21 May 2020

In today’s world, the ink feather pen has been swapped out for a laptop keyboard. Many poets have taken to the internet to share their pieces of work. Nowadays, the internet is one of the best ways to build up a viewership. Poets can promote their writing on different online platforms and share it with anyone around the world in a matter of minutes.

The power of the internet can have a quiet young poet turn into a viral sensation because of one video posted that caused enough of a buzz. You could be famous on the internet before you have your first book published. Is this important?

Old school vs New

The internet is important because of the variety of ways it allows you to share and promote your work to the world. By building up big fan bases virtually, you’ll already have an audience waiting for your book of poetry to be published. It’s all just another example of how far technology has come and what it offers everyone, including authors of all genres.

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Discovering New Poetry

7 May 2020

Poetry is not dead, contrary to what some people think. It's more alive than ever, but it's just taken a new lease on life. Poetry, like any self-respecting art, is not static. It evolves with time and morals. The new poetry encourages readers, including the youngest, to be interested in this literary style.